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Wheel Alignments- These are necessary if you experience unusual tire wear, a steering wheel that is no longer straight, a pull to one side, or even a shimmy in the wheel. A Wheel Alignment check should be performed, to extend the life of those expensive tires!

Brake Fluid Flush- Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, especially on Euro vehicles (DOT 4). Not only will brake fluid absorb water, lowering the boiling point,  but copper levels in the fluid can damage expensive ABS components.

Transmission and Driveline fluids- These should be replaced at regular intervals. Don't wait until the fluid is "Dirty". The fluid services are much less expensive than a repair of the unit.

Tire Rotations- Should be done at a regular interval, such as every other Oil Change Service. This will ensure even wear of your tires throughout their lifetime.

"Tune Ups"- This is a phrase from years ago, that still applies, with a bit different meaning. Spark plugs are still a maintenance necessity, but equally important are the fuel filter, fuel injector cleaning, and the use of quality fuels. Higher levels of Ethanol in new fuels, as well as the shortened storage life of gasoline, can lead to performance issues, if not properly maintained.

If you have any questions about your vehicles maintenance needs, please feel free to stop by for a free Maintenance Schedule for your vehicle. 

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Our Philosophy

    We want to work to keep your vehicle running at it's peak, so we offer several levels of maintenance. Whether you bring us an older driver, or your new baby, we have an option that will fit your needs.

    Our Oil Changes, for example fall into several levels of service:

  • Bronze- Our most basic, change oil and filter (NAPA Gold Filter), lube chassis, set tire pressures and test battery. from $39.95*
  • Silver- Change oil and filter (NAPA Gold), lube chassis, set tire pressures. Includes check of all belts, hoses, all fluid levels and condition, lube door hinges and check of all lights. from$54.95*
  • Gold- All of the Silver services, we add a tire Rotation and full brake Inspection. from $69.95*
  • Platinum- All of the Gold services, we add a Tire Balance.                                          from $94.95*

* These are basic prices  They  DO NOT include: cost of additional oil over 5 qts, FULL Synthetic Oil or Diesel Oil, or in some cases, a higher priced filter.

All of our Oil Change services include a NAPA Gold Oil Filter (not the cheap junk), and Valvoline Synthetic-Blend oil as standard. We also carry a full line of Valvoline Full Synthetic and Mobil 1 Full Synthetic.


When we inspect your vehicle, our Technicians use a tablet to record any and all findings on a "Digital Inspection Sheet" that will be stored here, and e-mailed to you for your viewing, as well as explaining any needed services that may be necessary to the safety and reliability of your vehicle

   From Oil Changes and Tire Rotations to all Levels of Factory Recommended Maintenance, the importance of properly scheduled services are more important now than it has ever been. Todays modern vehicles have been engineered to tighter tolerances, and the upkeep of fluids and filters has become crucial to longevity.

    The use of factory recommended oils and coolants, for example can keep your warranty valid, where some "universal fluids" can void a valuable warranty.

   At Mikes Garage, we stock all the proper fluids for your vehicle, avoiding the "one size fits all" type of fluids and "discount services". We feel the real value comes from a properly serviced vehicle that will not let you down.

   At Mikes Garage, we will provide you with the Factory Maintenance Schedule that is tailored for your vehicle, and let you know of services that are coming up, as well as those that improve the lifespan of your investment and provide years of trouble free motoring.

    Many of today's vehicles require or recommend Synthetic Oil for not only your engine, but other drivetrain lubricants. The Synthetics offer many advantages, which will save you money over the life of your vehicle. For example, Synthetic oil changes can have an interval of twice that of a regular oil change, which saves not only time, but the labor over a period of miles of service.

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